Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Summer Fun...

Dragged myself up and out to the beach yesterday. It was hoochin' as you would expect on the hottest day of the year so far. I wasn't really up for it having been feeling a bit ill in recent days (for ill read wishing it was raining and windy so I could lie in bed all day, eating soup and not feel I was missing anything) but quite frankly with 2 kids climbing the walls for fun and 4 weeks left of the holidays it seemed the best idea.

The sea was full of people and they weren't just paddling as they usually do during a Scottish summer, given the sea is normally cold enough to freeze your extremities, they were actually swimming, playing on lilo's and blow up boats just like they do on their package holidays to Spain!

I was seriously tempted to wade in up to my neck and swim with them. I had come prepared with swimming attitre underneath my skirt and vest but the thought of inflicting my semi naked body on these happy people enjoying their day stopped me! I settled for a wade up to my bum.

Later at home a few kids in the street had their water toys out - paddling pools were seen and a few of them has this thing you attach to a hose which then sprays water up in the air, kind of a poor version of kids playing at a NYC Hydrant. Later water balloons appeared and water guns...not little pistols like when I was little but massive big super soakers that fire 30 0r 40 feet.

The kids were soaking, the street was soaking, cars were soaking, people coming home from work in suits were soaked walking from the bus stop...and I live in a quiet cul-de-sac!

Everyone was in fine form about it though. I watched from the window for a while and had the overwhelming urge to join in but really a 31 year old mother against a bunch of 4-12 year olds...I wouldn't stand a chance!!

Nothing makes me happier than seeing my kids and other peoples kids running about playing and laughing. Yesterday eveining (and again at this exact moment) the street was a playground for the kids. Playstations and computers forgotten about, kids out playing, getting fresh air and enjoying the sunshine.

Anyway...I'm thinking I will join in today. They may have super soakers but I have a hose!

Jenny xx

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Steven Douglas said...

Ah, the memories of when we were children.....{pop}...oops, back to reality...

Sounds like they had a blast...