Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Happy Birthday 5 Year Old...

Yesterday 4 year old became 5 year old. 5 years old? Christ where does the time go?

Anyway, in accordance with the then 4 year old's wishes, his 5th birthday was a themed tea party. The theme he had chosen was Batman...much to the annoyance of 8 year old sister who was hoping for fairies or princesses!

The table was decked out in all things Batman from cups to tablecloth and 5 year old sat happily munching cakes, rolls and sweets while wearing his new Batman costume! His guests included his cousins and his best friends. Music was played on demand from the kids and as a result we had a fair bit of singing loudly, dancing like they were being electrocuted, and lots of hands in the air type moves to such classics as Crazy Frog, Hey Baby and the Grease Megamix! Lovely.

Within 30 minutes of the feeding commencing my kitchen floor was strewn with party poppers, various shades of icing and half eaten ham rolls and my neighbours were no doubt demented at trying to eat their dinner while their ears were being assaulted by the strains of the kids singing "ooh, aah" loudly.

However, birthday's come but once a year and being 5 is something to celebrate. So after they had eaten, drunk and been merry they were dispatched to the street to play clutching party bags and Batman masks, while I went for the hoover to begin operation party aftermath!

I am now cleared of birthday party duties until November when 8 year old becomes 9 year old and Princesses and Fairies take Batman's place at the table!

Happy Birthday 5 year old!!

Jenny xx

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Steven Douglas said...

Hey, mine's already 19...mind you, I suppose we can at least go out and get pissed together (if she wasn't living in Glenrothes). :-)