Friday, July 08, 2005

I'm Embarrassed...

and ashamed to say I've been driving about in a Nissan Micra in the last few days.

Those of you who know me will understand I have a deep loathing of these cars which borders on an obesession.

The reason for my driving this hideous piece of machinery is that I am without car and it's all that is available to me!! (thank you deeply to my Mum!!).

Anyhow despite Micra driver's trying to persuade me that they are indeed good cars this is bullshit...I mean what sort of car doesn't have a clock in it?? Or for that matter intermittent on their window wipers?? Not that I'm boasting but my car not only has intermittent but 4 speeds of intermittent.

Ok so I'm a car snob but really I consider myself lucky that the Micra even has wheels and pedals.

Jenny xx

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