Thursday, June 16, 2005


I have a temper. I've got red hair so it's to be expected. I'm very good at controlling it though and it is few and far between that it really raises it's head.

I must admit though that I have realised that although I may take a while to explode I find it happening a little more often than it used to..I'm not sure why!

Maybe it's because there are more things in my life (or should that be people?!) who annoy me, maybe it's because I'm busier than I have been before and more stressed or maybe it's because I'm getting older and realise that my time here on this earth is ticking away and that therefore I no longer have the time to waste putting up with arseholes!

Whatever the reason..I'm quite enjoying this new more volatile me. I actually sometimes enjoy losing it...just saying all those things that are in my head out loud to someone who's pissed me right off. I last lost my temper on Sunday night when I told my boss to "fuck right off!" amongst other insults and remarks I had long kept to myself!

I felt much better for getting it out!

It's a definite probability that I get much of my temper from my Dad. He too had the knack of keeping it in check for so long then exploding into a massive fury...many will testify to that!

I will try to remain in control of my temper but have resigned myself to letting it go when the need arises. I've realised it's a good way to clear the air and the stress...of course people on the receiving end may not realise I'm doing it in a good cause!

Jenny xx

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