Sunday, June 19, 2005

Father's Day...

I had intended to sleep right through it!

However, like all good children on Father's Day I dutifully made the trip to see my Dad. Well you have to don't you. Even if visiting him is the last thing you want to be doing.

I bought him flowers...a bit unmanly I know but I didn't see the point in buying him trousers or a jumper. Dad didn't thank me for the flowers but I know he liked them, at least I think he did.

I gave him his card. I didn't write it, just left it in the cellophane and I blew him a kiss rather than giving him a real one. Dad didn't mind.

I sat beside him and chatted for while, mostly updating him with all the gossip he might have missed, although I'm sure my sister who had already visited would have filled him in. He listened though while I repeated it all to him.

I laughed with him when I told him about Dean's sports day, at least I think he laughed.

I told him about my other half hurting his back and he seemed concerned, at least I think he was.

Then when it was time to go I said goodbye and told him I'd see him next week. Dad said nothing at all.

So I got in the car and headed home. Wishing all the way that Dad had been able to say Goodbye back to me...I'm glad I went to visit him. I only wish it had been at his house like last year instead of at his grave.

It is 11 months ago to the day since he died.

Happy Fathers Day Dad, I love you.
Jenny xx

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