Saturday, June 18, 2005

Family Day Out...

Well the weatherman said today summer was here. It was warm outside although not too sunny but what the hell thought I let's have a family day out!

So we did.

Off to Aberdour we went to Silver Sands beach. Now it may not have seemed nice enough to go to the beach but let me assure you it was hoochin'. There were all the hardy Scots layed upon their travel rugs, bucket and spades a plenty and enough soggy sandwiches to feed a third world country.

It was great. The kids played in the (probably hugely contaminated) water, adults lay reading books, Grannies drank Tea from thier Thermos.

The sun had the decency to break through for a good spell and by early evening we packed up and left. We decided to continue our day with a wee trip further along the coast to Burntisland. The shows were there as were most of the population of Glasgow, the Weigie women donned in the latest market stall fashions and flip flops and the Weigie men sported their new Matalan holiday Polo Shirts (Weigie teenagers wore the compulsory Burberry attire).

The kids took to the rides, We got robbed (not for just felt that way as our hands were never out our pocket giving the Gypo's money!), we ate Ice Cream and 8 year old won a Fish! Just what I need! Anyway I'd like to welcome Freddie (as she's named him!) to the family!

A fish supper each and a bottle of Irn Bru and back on the road again homeward bound.

So that's our day trip over (and most likely the Scottish summer!) and we're all back home again in one piece (always a bonus when kids are involved!) happy and sunburned!

You know what? It may not have been a fancy day out but it's days like this - out with your Mum and Dad to the seaside - that you remember when you grow up. I have many good memories of trips like this with my folks!

Hope your day was a good one.

Jenny xx

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