Monday, June 20, 2005

Freddie The Goldfish...

It is with deep sorrow that I need to announce the passing of Freddie The Goldfish. He died sometime between 3pm and 9pm yesterday.

The cause of death is not yet clear but Freddie was found lying like a stone at the bottom of the tank, suggesting something bad happened as everyone knows Goldfish normally float at the top.

Rumours that he was attacked by Maisie the mad boxer bitch have been dismissed as he would not have been in the bowl at the time of death but instead in said Boxer's tummy!

Freddie leaves behind him a family including his owner the now inconsolable 8 year old. Our thoughts are with her at this terrible time!

The loss of Freddie has brought back the painful memory of losing both George and Mildred (the previous goldfish!), both of whom also died in tragic circumstances. George, aged 4 at the time, was the victim of domestic abuse when he was savagely eaten and attacked by Mildred late one night. Mildred who had survived for over 6 years was murdered by Nikki while on holiday at her home. Cause of death was never discovered although it was believed she was fed to death.

Oh well...I thought we'd at least get a couple of week out of him not 24 hours!! Now though we have fish food and an empty tank...guess what's coming next???

Pet shop anyone???

Jenny xx

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