Saturday, June 18, 2005

Well Done Wee Man...

Congratulations to my nephew.

It was his sports day yesterday and off we went to cheer him on.

Let me set the scene a bit here before I go nephew is a clumsy child (well that's what my sister says on her numerous trips to casualty with him!!). He normally runs looking backwards and will fall over nothing. He really does have difficulty staying upward and avoiding trouble.

However...yesterday he had more winning stickers than I would ever have thought possible! He rattled through the obstacle race, egg and spooned good style and although his space hopper race (what??) and his sack race did leave a bit to be desired...he left the field yesterday well out in front of all his classmates.

I think he's been kidding us all on with this clumsy child act!

Anyway a wee message to the boy himself...

Deanie, you were a wee star. Good Job.

Kids...always a surprise eh?

Jenny xx

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