Thursday, June 16, 2005

Sports Day...

So it's that time of year again. Schools everywhere are having their annual sports days.

My kids school was due to have it today... Along all us parents trotted for the opening at 10am. We duly took our seats and got our programme of events (it's a posh sports day!) and sat awaiting it to kick off. Then it rained...

So before it began, sports day was over. We were all sent home and our kids sent back indoors without so much as seeing a hula hoop layed out for an obstacle race.

There's a lot of talk at the moment that education chief's want to ban sports days as they think it discriminates against the kids who are no good at sports and teaches a bad lesson in competitiveness to kids.

Bullshit! There's nothing wrong with being competitive and anyway will they do away with maths because it discriminates against kids who are hopeless with numbers? I don't think so.

I happen to like sports day. I loved it as a child...mainly because I was good at sports and I love it as a parent. I have a friend who's child excels all year and we are constantly being told about it! Sports day though is a different matter..her child is it's the one day I get to rub it in as 8 year old normally does well. (she gets it from her Mother!)

Of course, the parents are more competitive than the kids at times! In my neck of the woods sports day is as much for the kids as the parents. It's compulsory to attend, almost every Mum has made a purchase from Next in the form of a new tracksuit and camcorders are seen in all quarters! In fact it's so bad the parents race each other for seats to watch their little darlings!

It's all been re-scheduled for the first dry roll on the good weather and let the games begin..of course everyone has seen 8 year old's new Next tracksuit now...shit! Where did I put that Next Directory??

Jenny xx

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