Thursday, June 23, 2005

Big Brother (Part 3)...

So we're now 4 weeks in and it's about time I had a say again me thinks so let's see...

Anthony - Still not bad too look at but he's a bit thick, I quite like him though but wish he's spend less time with Saskia and Maxwell...could get involved in things he shouldn't...hope he stays though.

Craig - Love when he is camp and can be really funny but he is sucking up to Max and Sas far too much. Still...I hope he lasts the distance.

Derek - If you vote to evict him I swear to god I'll hunt you down! I love him...he's hysterical even though he's a pompous twat...his comments crack me up..I'm gutted he'll probably go soon.

Kemal - He/she's actually growing on me...shock!! Has had many a funny moment lately and his Mariah/Whitney comment was bloody brilliant!

Makosi - Mmmm...devious...twisted...nah I don't like her. End of.

Maxwell - What a shame he has got so involved with Saskia. I've gone off him totally whenever he's around her. On his own though (rare as it is) he's great. Fuck about, Sas is a bad influence on him.

Roberto - Looks fine every eveiction night in his shirts. A bit to temperamental for his own good. Think he will go this week.

Saskia - The woman who gives other women a bad name. Using Max as her puppy. Two faced, bitchy and a complete pain in the arse. I detest her.

Science - Holy fuck how much do you want to punch him right in the teeth. Can't fucking wait till he goes. My Mum is more street than him. Wank.

Vanessa - Get in with the maggots you useless creature. Never shows an ounce of guilt or regret about anything.

So there's the update. As you can see I love all the women in the house (yeah right). I tell you this if a man doesn't win it I'll eat my hat.

Jenny xx

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