Thursday, June 23, 2005

Ideal Mate...

I had a wee chat last night with darling Ross about his quest to find the perfect woman. A few must have qualities were thrown back and forth for a few minutes in cyberspace and I suggested he think about it and get it down on his blog so we can all see for ourselves what sort of human (if indeed it turns out to be that) he is looking for.

With his sense of humour and poetic phrase I'm sure it would make great reading and it got me thinking...what is the ideal mate? I mean I have a mate but is he the ideal? Did I like millions of others settle for less than I should have? So I give it some thought...

On the purely physical side my perfect mate would be taller than me, broad shouldered, with lovely eyes and nice hands. His smile would light up his face and being picky he'd be dark haired with chest hair preferably!

On the more serious side he'd be able to protect me, make me feel safe, make me laugh, make me comfortable, be able to talk to me about everyday things and also about important things, he'd be able to cry, he'd definitely have to have a brain and be able to use it, he'd be brave enough to say what he thinks but sensitive enough to know when not to say anything, he'd be able to let me know he loved me without words, he'd inspire me, educate me in things and cherish me. He'd be someone I'd want to have as a friend, he'd be passionate, strong and rough yet tender and calm.

Oh and he need's to have a manly smell (stale sweat is nice...not b.o...and yes I mean it!!) and he'd need to be able to keep me in shoes!!

So there I think I have ideal least for now....

And as I look to the mate I have now who has kept me awake all night snoring, who burps, farts and moans, I think...he actually does tick nearly all the boxes and with that I consider myself a lucky woman....and trot off to polish my shoe collection!!!

Jenny xx

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