Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Slimming Pills....Aye Right!

My friend Nikki has been internet shopping. Nothing out of the ordinary about that...in fact if Nikki wasn't internet shopping I'd be really worried. However this time she's bought herself some slimming pills.

She showed me them...quite excited about it, and sure enough there they are looking for all the world like the placebos they will be along with a little diet plan telling you what to eat which is basically the same as your average healthy diet which we should all be eating anyway.

"They're supposed to be really good" says Nikki. "They have a little diet plan telling you what to eat"

"Yes they do" says I "It's telling you to eat healthily, fish, veggies and fruit"

"I know, it seems quite good" says Nikki

I feel the need at this point to explain to Nikki that the people buying these "pills" are going to be fat people and that if you are fat you obviously don't eat very healthily so changing your diet to fish, veggies and fruit instead of pies, chocolate and crisps will be what makes you lose weight not some "pill".

"Yes but these are from America and they're a big thing over there and Americans are all fat" Says Nikki

"Yep" I sigh "So if these pills work then, and they're so popular in America how come the Americans are still fat?"

"Oh" says Nikki and laughs.

I rest my case. Honestly...

Jenny xx

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