Sunday, June 05, 2005

Big Brother...

Christ what a bunch of complete freaks...well most of them.

Obviously the rules this year were that if your gay or have unfeasibly large tits your in!

Frankly I always hate BB in the first few weeks. I do try though to pick a few I like so I can join in at the early part. I'm liking Maxwell a bit and Lesley (huge breasts) is also ok so far.

Next year I am going to audition. I will simply say "Hello BB, I am totally fucking normal, I am straight and a Mum and fairly similar to the millions who watch your bloody show so therefore nearly all your viewers will identify with me, which in turn means that because I am relatively normal, they will vote for me and I will win".

I can almost hear Davina..."Jenny I'm coming to get you!"

Of course my mate Ross would be the ideal contestant...Maybe I can persuade him to audition next year!

Jenny xx


Ross Douglas said...

Define persuade...

jenny said...

Persuade (verb) - to make someone do or believe something by giving them a good reason to do it or by talking to them and making them believe it.

Example 1 - I think I will try to persuade Ross to audition for next years big brother.

Example 2 - It is perhaps possible to persuade Ross by using bribery and corruption including the lure of a free flight ticket to anywhere in the world.

Example 3 - Sexual favours may well help persuade Ross to audition for Big Brother.

Thank you for your comment. I hope this helps.

Jenny xx