Thursday, June 09, 2005

Self Employed...

Went to visit Sister and Boyfriend yesterday. They were in Amsterdam over the weekend and by all accounts had a good time despite Boyfriend being struck down with some kind of virus.

The virus must have been quite nasty as Boyfriend has had to take the last three days off work which is quite shocking as Boyfriend is a bit of a workaholic. In fact Boyfriend is always at work!

Boyfriend is self employed and he has always taken a bit of stick about work from us nutters in the family.

Last night there was much hilarity by me over the fact he was off sick.

I wondered if he was going to have a word with himself when he got back about him being off. If he had phoned himself to let him know he wasn't coming in. Indeed if he's off too long would he discipline himself?

Just wondered.

Jenny xx

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