Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Big Brother (Part 2)

Right I've had a couple of weeks to check them out. The initial boring bit is over and I'm now a proper viewer...This means I watch BB on E4 until the early hours!

I now feel qualified to give me opinion on the here it is:

Anthony - Quite like him. Not to lairy but intresting enough and not too bad to look at which helps.

Craig - Irritating me ever so slightly. I'm not anti gay by any means but he's trying too hard to be Brian from BB2.

Derek - Loving him totally, which is wierd cause I hate fox hunting and the tories! His voice is fab and so are his words of wisdom!

Lesley - I used to think she was ok...and kind of still do. She looks and acts like trailer trash but who says thats a bad thing? Didn't do Britney any harm! She needs to stop pulling at her obviously too small tops in a bid to cover her jordanesque boobs though it's getting on my tits!

Kemal - I want to bitch slap that little irritating fucker so much. I can't stand him. I cannot believe that his parents don't know he is gay. Piss Off! Are his parents blind and deaf? He is an obnoxious, rude, ignorant little twat.

Makosi - She's another one in need of a good punch. She's in bed and BB asks her to go to the diary room so she puts on her shades. lipgloss, earrings and high heels to go, so she looks good for the cameras darling! Vain, Vain, Vain. Hopefully when more leave she'll settle into being a half decent character though! There is potential.

Maxwell - Still tops with me just now.

Roberto - Nice eye candy and a great accent. Can be a bit nippy though. Getting a bit stroppy but he's latin so I'm allowing it. Oh and did I mention he's easy on the eye!

Sam - I would take her make up bag and shove right up her...and that laugh...oh my god. She has got to go.

Saskia - She's doing alright. Obviously does fancy Maxwell even though she says she doesn't. Might be a bit too Kate Lawler for me...we'll see.

Science - Immature, silly little boy. Doesn't understand english, can't have a conversation without shouting and doesn't listen. He's nippy.

Vanessa - who?

So there you have it, my opinions of the freaks in this years BB.

Jenny xx

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