Thursday, June 23, 2005

Lucky Numbers...

Last night I ventured off to play Bingo.

Not big Bingo hall Bingo but Bowling club old dears Bingo. You can read from that I was back at my work albeit in a social capacity!

It was an experience let me tell you. Eileen (one of the other barmaids) and I decided to go for a bit of a laugh. She's a Bingo pro, I'm a novice. Anyway with threatening talk from some of my friends about going to a big hall to play soon I thought I'd get some practice in...

So I buy my books, get out the pen and think I'm set. Oh no...apparently you must use a dabber to look like a pro...Eileen duly offers one from her collection!

The first few games fly past and I'm not really into it at all but then 3 games in and I'm waiting on one number...ooh! It was not to be though! Same thing happens on the next few games...waiting on one number but nothing.

Each time "house" is called the other players (average age 70) let out a groan. I'm starting to enjoy the seriousness of it all and the little quirks that are involved...

Half time comes and the punters refill their lemonades (they don't affects their concentration!). I realise I am one of only 2 people in the hall not wearing glasses!!

Second half begins and again it's the wait on one number for a few now I'm actually getting pissed that mine doesn't get called! I'm getting quite into this now...I'm waiting on one number again...56...the anticipation is getting too heart beat is palms are sweaty...adrenaline pumping...then suddenly "5 and 6, 56"...."house" I shout. I've won the line!!

The regulars let out their groan...there's comments about how I'm not even a regular...they're not happy at a stranger winning, even if they do all know me from the bar! The card gets checked...winner!!! I am given my winnings of £2. Hurrah!! And so the evening draws to a close.

The excitement dies down and everyone troops off home.

I don't think old people should be allowed to play Bingo. All that excitment surely can't be good for their hearts!!

I'm not sure if I will be repeating my experience or not...I'm not sure I could handle playing for decent money in a big Bingo hall...then again as the old ladies said last pay your money and take your maybe I'll buy a dabber just in case!!

Jenny xx

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