Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Catch Up Time...

Time to resume normal service I think.

So what's been happening in the life of little old me lately then? Well the answer is not much really. Hence the lack of writing on here.

I've taken some advice regarding my employers decision to sack me and have followed that so far and am now waiting to see what transpires from here. In the meantime I'll be keeping an eye out for another licensed premises who are looking for a decent barmaid to pull a few pints on a Saturday night!

This Saturday my cousin got married to her long term partner so we headed over the water to Fife for her reception. The bride looked lovely as did her 3 little boys who were all in tails. I'm not a fan of tails and much prefer seeing Scotsmen in a kilt but the boys did look cute as buttons!

It was a small, intimate wedding just the way they wanted it and it was nice to spend some time with the bits of the family we don't see that often. Lots of old memories of our childhoods were remembered and there was lots of laughs.

One of my good friends was out for a visit today and we whiled away few hours chatting about this and that. She's an ex-colleague from my time with employer who has just sacked me, although she's been gone for a few months now. It was nice to catch up in person and she came armed with chocolates and wine which is always nice and a wee good luck card with the message to fight for what's right!

So other than that not much has been going on. The weather ain't half turned though. The gorgeous sunshine and sticky heat that kept us all awake at night has gone and has been replaced by a chilly wee spell. As I sit here I have goosebumps! The duvet is well and truly back up off the floor! Apparently though parts of August are to be hotter than July were so if true it's all good as July was the hottest on record for donkeys years and that's official!

Jenny xx


Wreckless said...

You say:-
"This Saturday my cousin got married to her long term partner so we headed over the water to Fife for her reception."

Is this a nice way of saying she married another lady?


jenny said...

Nah it's just geography! I tend not to head over the water much cause I hate that bridge!

Godess Of Bitch said...

Lol..looks like everything that could be said has been. I've been perusing the blog to bring myself up to date and I'm shocked! But I know you're enough of a bitch (in a good way!) to give em hell and make em wish they hadn't bent over for that ass fuckin you're gonna give em. Still no net but it'll be back soon. I've graduated by the way! I'll be going on for a higher degree but I am now an official college graduate and practical nurse. Miss you guys terribly!

Wreckless said...

You missed my question Jenny.
I asked if your cousin (her) married another lady? Is she gay? Is this a lesbian affair?

Locally if we refer to someone marrying their "long time partner" it's normally refering to a same sex relationship!


jenny said...

She married a man!