Friday, August 04, 2006

Time To Set Up Text Alerts...

I'm thinking of offering a new sms alert service. You know the sort of thing I mean. If I write about something I think you'll be intrested in you'll get a wee text message to let you know. You give me a key word and if it's in the posting I make I'll text you!

Sounds good eh? And it'll save 2 certain individuals from sitting at their pc checking here on a frequent basis to see if I've written anything contraversial. I'll just alert them when I think they'll be intrested.

Actually sod the text alerts, that could cost a lot of money to me and I'm without a wage now so instead what about this...

For the forseeable future I will not be mentioning my ex-employer and our current difference of opinion on here.

I will not be on here slating them. I will not be on here naming and shaming individuals. I will not be giving my views on what I think of how they have behaved. I know you're all disappointed. You were hoping I'd give you a bit of scandal. You were hoping I'd be on here shooting my mouth off.

Sorry to disappoint but this blog will now revert back to being about me and my life and my opinions on things I decide to write about...I'm thinking about topics for new posts already...trying to get my juices flowing after a week or so of not posting anything remotely amusing, sarcastic or just plain silly...possible topics might include "Shoe Shopping", "Big Brother Contestants" or "Men In Girly Frilly Knickers?" or maybe "Job Hunting A Helpful Guide"

Jenny xx

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Wreckless said...

Or what about
"Blogging - a means of entertainment for the deprived?"

Hehe, always good to read your stuff, wether you write about the job or not. In fact, the less you mention those mutants, the better. They bore me. Totally. There is enough sadness / crime / corruption where I live without having to hear about the same somewhere else. So, stick it. Give us more of the personal, juicy stuff.


(Would it be appropriate to say "Break a lead"?)