Thursday, August 17, 2006

Would You Adam And Eve It...

He who lives with me took his car for it's MOT yesterday. After dropping it off at 9.30am we were still waiting on the garage ringing us by 3.30pm. Geoff rang them to find out when the car was likely to be back...and more importantly to see if it had passed the test...the guy told him he'd expected it to be back by now but it wasn't. He said he'd ring to let us know when it did return.

20 minutes or so passed and the phone rings. Geoff answers it and is chatting to the guy in the kitchen. I can hear bits of the conversation and it's going along the lines of "you're joking?". I sit in the lounge assuming the car has failed it's MOT and this is heightened when Geoff appears with a rather grumpy looking face touched with a bit of disbelief.

Turns out though that the car has in fact passed it's MOT with flying colours. However, that is the good news! The bad news, and the reason for Geoff's less than happy face, is that the guy bringing the car back from the MOT test centre has been involved in an accident...and Geoff's car has been damaged!

So we head into the garage to see the damage and find out what happened. Turns out the guy from the garage stopped at zebra crossing to let a guy cross over and someone ran into the back of him. The guy from the garage came out to see us and was very apologetic (even though it wasn't his fault!) turns out he's been driving for nearly 40 years and has only ever had 2 accidents...the second being today's one and his first in 30 years! Luckily no-one was badly hurt, the guy from the garage had a bit of a sore neck, which will probably be a bit more sore today.

The guy that ran into him admitted he was totally at fault and had been going too fast. Apparently his car was trashed...front wing gone, headlights gone, bumper gone, drivers door crumpled so badly he couldn't get out!

Luckily Geoff's car fared a bit better. The guy from the garage was sure it would be wrecked given the force it was hit with and he was surprised to see it wasn't too bad. The back bumper is cracked and has come away from the body of the car, the paintwork is damaged across the back and side but apart from that it's ok. Seems the Mondeo can take a fair whack! Still it's £1000 worth of damage!

In a bizarre twist of fate, the guy who hit the car was on his way to trade his in! Even more bizarre was that he is the owner of a car repair bodyshop and oddly although the crash took place in Edinburgh the guy who hit the car lives out our way! He's going to carry out all the repairs through his garage under the supervision of our garage to make sure it's done properly to save him claiming his insurance. Wonder what the odds are on 2 car repairmen colliding with each other?

That's the third bump our cars have had in a year so as things come in three's we should now be alright for the rest of 2006!

Jenny xx

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Chelsey said...

Sorry to be a bore, but regardless of the deal between the two garage repair chaps, it will break your agreement with your insurer not to report that your vehicle has been involved in an accident.

Personally, I would not trust the chap at fault and would insist that the repair is carried out by your garage or your insurer.