Saturday, August 05, 2006

Revenge Is Sweet...

Wreckless came across this blog and mentioned it on his blog. It's all about a girl called Emily who finds out her Husband of 7 years has been cheating on her with her best friend. The blog details Emily's revenge on the cheating sod. It's great fun!

I am all for revenge. Yes it can be childish, damaging and make you look like you can't move on but it can also be cathartic, necessary for sanity and downright fun.

It's all very noble to keep your chin up and remain dignified and silent when you've been hurt, used, made to look stupid, taken for a ride, treated like shit, etc, etc but there is also an element of the victim about it. I mean if you build up a reputation as being someone who remains dignified and silent when you're pissed upon then what's going to deter any fucker from doing it to you again?

There has been one occasion in my life thus far when I have taken a severe kick in the teeth (metaphorically speaking) and I took it with grace and handled it in a dignified manner. I made only 2 phone calls to the involved parties (well one to her and a couple to her husband) and made my feelings clear without resorting to violence. I was even dignified to offer her a choice on how we should approach matters with the conversation going a bit like "You can speak to me now and listen to what I've got to say by telephone or I'll come to your work and say what I want to in front of the whole fucking office, your choice" which I think was damn reasonable of me.

However, as much as I took some pleasure out of taking the dignified approach and the fact that I had controlled my temper enough to deal with it all in a civilised manner the whole thing chewed away at me for the next 2 years or so and knocked me stupid. The anger didn't die down, the betrayal stayed with me and my self confidence took ages to return, even to this day I regret not having vented a bit more anger.

I did get a bit of the anger out my system when nearly 8 months later I found the only parking space left was the one in front of the person in questions car. Without batting an eyelid I locked my car door and dragged my key clean along the side of her's as I walked into work. Did I feel bad? Nope. Did I feel good? Nope. Did I feel a bit more satisfied? Yes.

To this very day if I saw that bitch again I'd have to bite my hand to prevent my mouth opening, or maybe to prevent my hand from connecting with her jaw. She caused me misery, pain and worse of all self doubt, something I do not suffer from lightly. She walked away unscathed bar her reputation as first class wife and mother being tattered and her car needing a touch up. If I'd been younger and therefore wilder she wouldn't have walked for a long time!

I firmly believe that if I had taken my revenge way back when with her as I should have I'd have been able to put the matter to bed much sooner.

So I am a firm believer in revenge. I am the first in line if there's a good turn needing done. I'll help anyone in any way I can. I am generally a good person but where one good turn deserves another I reckon one bad turn does as well.

And don't go giving me your nonsense about lowering yourself to their level or how people have more respect for the dignified approach. That's words used by those who are prepared to be used, walked over and treated like shit. There's a time to behave in a dignified manner and there's a time to behave like the angry person you are inside.

Getting it all out stops it festering inside you...which can destroy you and pull you down. You can only move on when you've dealt with it and if that means taking out a billboard, or spraying a car or giving away all someone's prized possessions like Emily did or keying a car 8 months later like I did then so be it.

Maybe folk'll think twice about pissing on you again.

Jenny xx

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