Friday, August 18, 2006

Friday Night...

It's a big Friday night this week.

I'm away oot to resume pint pulling duties later on in my new establishment and it's the final of Big Brother.

Gutted about forgetting that was tonight and agreeing to start work actually...I've never missed BB final before!

Anyhow we're down to 6 possible winners and here's the verdict from me.

Jennie - I reckon she'll be first to go tonight. She's alright but hasn't half got a nippy attitude sometimes.

Richard - I happen to love Dickie but I fear he may end up going next. He's up against other big personalities who will probably have more support behind them.

Nikki - Think she'll be next. The public have got rid of her once already. She is a spoilt, petulant, childish wannabee but her tantrums have made funny viewing. Although I will confess that if I 'd been in the house with her I'd have lost it by now and slapped her.

Aisleyne - Dear god get her out. I hate her. Ghetto Princess my arse. All those who think she's been keeping it real need to have a word. There's nothing real about a middle class white woman pretending to be black, using black language and acting like she's some Homies bitch. Plus that freaking shrieking she does...and the crying...and her eyebrows...and the dancing in front of mirrors....and her arse...and those clothes....

Glyn - Has provided some funny moments and his ignorance about life is kind of endearing purely because we know he's an intelligent lad. However, all that Wales stuff and his unability to see through Horse Face Grace have put me off him slightly.

Pete - I want Pete to win. He's funny, talented, gorgeous, genuine and unaffected. He deals with his tourettes in a way which will have been inspirational to other sufferers. The world needs more individuals like him. He dresses to please himself, is unafraid to look silly and goes into things wholeheartedly. Pete should get the nod and he's got my vote.

Jenny xx

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