Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A Good Days Work...

Yesterday I was officially skint. Well today I am officially loaded! Hurrah!

Well not loaded exactly but I am now the grand sum of £101 per month better off then I was at the start of the day.

So how come? Well today I decided to do a little finance check. I rounded up all those pesky outgoings each month and decided to see if I could get better deals on them...and you know what? I did!

I've saved £11 a month on my house insurance and raised the value of it and got a years travel insurance thrown in gratis, £30 on my mobile phone contract, £30 on my phone and broadband package (with a sparkly new wireless connection and phone and free calls chucked in!) and best of all £30 on my Sky subscription.

Sky...bless them...they don't want you to leave them you see, so you phone and threaten to cancel it and they trip over themselves to do you a deal. It dawned on me today I was paying £70 a month to watch tv not including the stupid license fee to the BBC...£70 a month for tv? Yep that's what it costs for 2 sky boxes, all the channels and a subscription to Setanta sports for his nibs. I got 'em down to 6 months half price and free sports for a year! Sorted!

So I'm £101 better off each month. That equates in Jenny currency to 7 pairs of New Look sale shoes a month or 1 pair of good shoes and a new pair of trainers!

Jenny xx

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