Friday, August 18, 2006

Strange Dream...

I had an odd dream last night.

I was waiting in a line to get into a Hearts match when Ross appeared asking me how much a season ticket was. I told him I got mine for £30 (as if!!) and said I'd show him where to go to get one. So we headed off and walked round the corner to a hot dog stand (!) and bought Ross his season ticket.

The two of us headed back to the stadium which for some inexplicable reason was in Tollcross and nothing like Tynie and sat in our seats to watch the match. It was like I imagine football must have been in olden times...the ball was tan, the players were wearing old style strips and boots and people were wearing 30's and 40's clothes...all the men were in hats and overcoats or working clothes and flat caps and there were no women. Ross and I were dressed in clothes we'd wear now. Ross told me he'd got a new job as a sports reporter writing about the football but he'd left his work stuff on the bus when he came to the match. Geoff was there too and offered Ross a permanent marker to write his report. Geoff was busy scribbling away beside me as well and was wearing a hat with the word press on a piece of card stuck in the in the old movies...Ross was still worried as he had nothing to write on and so I gave him my jeans!

Later on I was sitting at an old fashioned typewriter typing up Geoff's notes which were written on a sweatshirt as well as lots of pieces of scrap paper. Ross appeared and asked me if I'd type up his. I agreed (I was typing really fast, whacking the bar back along almost cartoon style!) and he handed me the jeans which had his full match report all down both legs and across the bum on the back in marker pen.

I was sitting reading what was on the jeans and typing it up while Ross drank dandelion tea and spoke to his boss on the phone assuring him his piece would be with him in minutes as we were sending it by pigeon via Tollcross!! I turned to Ross and told him to tell his boss it would be 30 minutes as it was raining and the pigeon might find it hard to see where he was going. The last thing I recall was shaking Ross and saying "listen to that's hammering down".

At that point I woke up and realised I had in fact shook Geoff and was saying to him"listen to the's hammering down"...and it was, it was raining cats and dogs and Geoff was now awake and agreeing with me!

How very odd.

Jenny xx

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