Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Empty Purse...

Right then I'm officially skint.

Today was spent kitting out the kids for their return to school. Marks and Spencer must be laughing all the way to the bank. I on the other hand am standing at the cash machine frowning.

Feeling a little bouyant thanks in part to some amoxycillin to help my throat and chest feel a bit better I headed out in search of school clobber and accessories.

3 x black trousers, 1x black jumper, 2 x black skirts, 1 x black girls trousers, 1 x purple school bag, 1 x black school bag, 1 x 5 pack of black socks, 1 x 7 pack of white socks, 1 x black boys jacket, 1 x black girls jacket, 2 x gym shoes, 2 x packs of pencils, 2 x coloured pencils, 1 x boys leather school shoes, 1 x girls leather school shoes, 1 x girls black cardigan, 1 x calculator, 1 x "cars" lunchbox, 1 x "cute kitten" lunchbox....not too mention 4 x official school polo shirts in red, 4 x official school polo shirts in black, 2 x official school sweatshirts in red, 2 x official school sweatshirts in black.

Mum played a blinder by wading in to pick up the cost of their jackets and shoes...this is why the world needs Grandparents! Cheers Mum!

Needless to say I came home feeling lighter in the purse area and in need of a couple more painkillers!

Jenny xx


Wreckless said...

And education is such a waste anyway.....


SpiritMom4U said...

Being a mom like you of two very active kids, I feel for you! I just ordered the school, custom sweatshirts for a fundrasier and trying to keep it all organized and, I am wiped out!