Thursday, June 08, 2006

Bizarre Parallel's...

So I recently found out that Steven's Sister and my Sister both have birthday's within a day of each other. So it led me to pose the question..."do we share any other similarities?"...seems indeed we do.

Steven has given me a wee list from his family of birth dates -

His birthday - 31st August
His Mum - 14th October
His Dad - 14th November
His Brother - 10th November
His Sister - 2nd June

Here's a few of mine -

My Birthday - 2nd April
My Mum - 25th February
My Sister - 1st June
My Geoff - 13th March
My Son - 26th July
My Daughter - 12th November
My Nephew - 20th November
My Niece - 14th October
My Mum In Law - 31st August

So bizarrely we have 2 exact matches in the family and one very near miss with our Sisters.

It always seems to be the way that you meet/make friends with people and then find you have more in common than you realise. When I moved into my house here in the sticks I knew no-one from round here. Soon enough we made friends and now have some really good one's that hopefully we'll know for life. We all shared things in common...the age's of our kids, the sizes of our families, the things we did for a living etc. It was only later on that I found out there were about 7 people in this street that went to the same school as I did and lived in the same area as I did. We all knew people in common. Our parents had lived and worked near where we stayed. Our paths had crossed many times before without us ever knowing it.

As Steven pointed out it apparently only takes 2 or 3 people you know to know 2 or 3 other people before you both find someone you both know. In a similar vein, one of my best friends has a sister called Jackie whom I've met a few times. I had never met Jackie's Husband Brian before though. I never put the fact togther that her surname was the same as a friend of mine. Turns out my best friends brother in law is my friends Brother! 7 years I've known them and I never knew that. I went to school with Brian's Brother and have known him for over 20 years! I knew one of my friends for 2 years before casually commenting how my Uncle had died after falling from a roof. She immediately asked his name and it turns out she knew my Uncle well as her Brother and my Cousin are very good friends.

It's always been a small world really.

Jenny xx


Steven Douglas said...

And the mother of one of the women who work in the office here also has her birthday on 31st August. I found that out when she asked me what pin code I wanted for my access. I said "3108" and she asked "Your birthday? It's my mum's too"...

Steven Douglas said...

Oops...left two VIP's off my list..

Steph - 14th July
Daughter - 7th July