Saturday, June 24, 2006

Filling In The Gaps...

Right in the intrests of keeping you all informed I'm going to fill in a few of the gaps regarding my wee argument.

You'll have gathered it's against an employer. Here's what I can tell you so far...

  • Employer is normally very good at being flexible with shifts when someone needs time off. You can get a shift off to paint your toenails.
  • I needed some time off as Better Half was doing late back shifts.
  • I told Boss I would need a later start one week and there was one week I wouldn't be able to get in at all.
  • Boss man didn't say no. In fact he asked me to work extra hours and let me go early the night I told him.
  • Boss man didn't ask me to swap shifts or to find cover for my absence.
  • I noticed he still had me down for full shifts the next day and so I left him a note to remind him.
  • Boss did not call me when he received the note to say I couldn't have time off.
  • The day after my shift off I find out he has gone apeshit because I didn't go into work.
  • He alledgedly claimed he knew nothing about it as far as I've been told.
  • This is bullshit.
  • Boss didn't call me to ask where I was the night I was off. He didn't call me anytime after to ask what was going on.
  • He has now dropped me off the staff list and taken my shifts off me.
  • He has not returned any of my calls.
  • He is refusing point blank to speak to me about it.
  • I was told by a colleague that when he was asked when I'm coming back he said I wasn't.
  • The colleague thought I had left of my own accord.
  • I haven't.
  • I am assuming then that he has paid me off.
  • But I don't know for sure because he won't speak to me!

It is about right and wrong. Too many people have been shafted while working there. It's about time it stopped and they realised they have responsibilities as employers. There are good barmaids sitting at home now who would and could have still been employed there if not for issues. If my kicking off means that Ross gets a full break without hassle on a Tuesday night or they sort out the temperature behind the bar or the part timers finally get their contracts then job done.

The thing I'll miss most is the bit of banter and (some of) the punters. I've enjoyed my time there and it'll take a bit of getting used to not going in on a weekend but c'est la vie.

Jenny xx

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