Sunday, June 11, 2006

I Guess The Anti-Wrinkle Cream Is Working...

I've been out all day today enjoying the weather. Better Half is working (ha, ha) so I decided to head out for a day with the kids and my niece and nephew for good measure. Having spent the day in a country park listening to the delightful tones of their voices I decided it was time for a glass of wine and a chill out back home in the garden.

It dawned on me on my way home that I have managed to consume every bottle I had in the house in the last week and the prospect of drinking more lager (I drunk about 12 bottles last night at a mates BBQ!) and the accompanying burping that it entails didn't appeal so I stopped at a supermarket to pick up a couple of bottles on the way back.

After chucking in some tortilla chips and dips as well I was all set and looking forward to getting in the garden with the sunday papers.

I was a little bit stunned then went I went to pay for my goodies and the lady behind the till asked me if I had any ID on me!! I'm like "What? You're having a laugh!" and she's like "You need to be 21 to purchase alcohol".

21! She's trying to tell me I don't look over 21! Cracker! I point out to her that I am several years past 21 but she's adamant and explains to me how she's not so sure and it's more than her jobs worth to serve me if I'm underage! Underage! I'm a decade past being underage!

She eventually agrees with me and tells me I should bring I.D next time just in case! That anti-aging cream I use is worth it's weight in gold!

Maybe she was fooled by me not wearing a drop of make up and having my hair in a ponytail! Think I'll do that more often!

Jenny xx


Wreckless said...

or maybe she's a lesbian with the hot's for you and was trying to pick you up.
Think about it......


Steven Douglas said...

Just shows you...those twenty million shares you bought in Oil of Olay are paying off.... LOL...{ouch}..