Friday, June 02, 2006


In my post yesterday I mention that Katrina and Scott were awaiting the arrival of their new baby today.

Well huge congratulations to them as they have today become the proud parents fo a lovely healthy baby Girl who weighed in at a very respectable 7lb 2oz (why is it us women always ask what weight the baby is??). Katrina is well after her op this morning and everyone is delighted, especially as they were both convinced it was going to be another boy! It seems she may have been named Kara but my silly sister forgot to ask! Kara was the huge favourite for a girl though so chances are they've stuck with it...we'll wait and see!

I now feel hugley broody, which will obviously only get worse when I see the wee scone! If only I could wake up tomorrow about 8 months pregnant instead of enduring the 32 week long morning sickness I get I'd be all for another one!

Right then, there's a new baby in town which can mean only one thing....I can go shopping for baby clothes. Where's my purse??

Jenny xx

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GorebridgeLady said...

Delighted to hear the happy ending to this wee tale, all the best to you and yours.

P. xxx