Saturday, June 24, 2006

A Feel Sorry Fur Thum...

(This is going to be written in Scots lingo just because I feel the need)

A've jist been watchin' the fitba on tele, the game between Mexico an Argentina an a've goat tae confess ah feel jist a wee bit sorry fur Mexico. Ah wis kindae hopin they'd score again an take it tae penalties. Ah like tae watch Argentina but ah kindae like the seein the underdog dae well an aw.

Still the mair teams that stay in that are good the better. Then wur mair likely tae see somebody hump the bloody English. Ah'll be cheering oan Ecuador the morrin. If England win they'll meet wi' either Portugal or Holland. Ah'm no a big fan o Holland so I'll be cheering fur Portugal tae get through. I seem tae huv a thing for the latin lot!

Ah reckon there's a shock still tae come in these second roond games. Ah'm still backin' Spain but if they git through this roond against France they'll need tae be oan top form as they're likely tae meet Brazil (ye cannae see Ghana gettin a result against them) in the quarters.

Ah'm also keepin a wee eye oan Ukraine an aw. Dinnae ask me why, a've jist developed a wee soft spot fur them.

How hard is it to write in Scots slang? Irvine Welsh's heid must ay been birlin'!

Jenny xx

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Steven Douglas said...

An' ye kin jist imagin' how lang it'll tak fur yer readers tae git thru this loat then, eh??

Personally, I quite fancy Ghana to put one over the Brazilians...