Thursday, June 01, 2006

What Neet Neet Actually Means...

I posted a wee note yesterday to say Happy Birthday to my Sis. At the bottom I had written Happy Birthday Neet Neet. Needless to say I thought you lot might overlook it and not wonder what it meant...but I should know better!

So here's the explanation of Neet Neet and what it means!

My old Dad was a fan of nicknames. Rarely did he call anyone by their actual name prefering instead to use his own brand of silliness to re-name someone. For example Ross was never called Ross when my Dad spoke of him but was referred to as Pitch (as in pitch n toss) likewise my Mum was shortened from Heather to H, my Uncle was called Para (as in Para Handy - Andy), My Auntie was byelt ( as in byelt Bean - Jean) and my Brother In Law was called Pace (as in it rhymed with Jase, leading to Jase the pase - his name being Jason obviously!) and his grandkids were known to him as Wee You (Kennedy, don't know why, never asked him!), Becca/Becks (Chloe becuase her middle name is Rebecca), Deanie Boy/Wee Man (Em Cause his name is Dean, that one's kind of normal!) and Doodle/Pot Noodle (Jake - because he began calling him Jakey Doodle and changed to Pot Noodle purely because it rhymed!).

As you will imagine my Sis and I were not immune to his nicknames either. While I was still an only child I was called Katie (which was a nickname my Gran Cathy was known by). Once Gill appeared I was known as Cokee which was Gill's version of Jenny. As I got older I became Face (christ alone knows why...although rumour has it it was connected to my ability to pull a great moody look!). By the time I reached 12 I was BJ (nice! which stood for Big Jen which related to my height back then as opposed to my arse size!). I also had a spell as Hot Lips. When I reached 22 I became Jessica which Dad used until he died. Jessica came from my Niece calling me Jessie instead of Jenny which she couldn't say stuck and she still uses it sometimes now even though she's 10 and Geoff uses it all the time!

My Sis also had a wee variety of names, Yappie (as she never stopped talking) Tweeky (after a robot thing in Buck Rodgers) and Lilo (as in Lilo Lil which rhymed with Gill) but her most well oved nickname was Neet Neet. In fact it was so well used that when my Uncle returned from South Africa after moving there to live, he couldn't remember what my Sister's actual name was! In he walked saying "oh there's wee Neet Neet" to my Sis who was now about 6!

So how did Neet Neet come about? Neet Neet was the name we used for our dummies as babies! My Sister had an unatural attachment to her dummy and was always saying "I want my Neet Neet" so as you'd expect it became her nickname and she was called Neet Neet from being young enough to talk until she was about 6. And yes our kids all had dummies and yes they all called them Neet Neet's.

So there you have it, in long and glorious description (which means I don't have to post again for ages cause I've spoiled you all these past few days!). The reason for Happy Birthday Neet Neet!

Jenny xx


Steven Douglas said... we all know. Ta for the explanation.

Anybody else have any interesting nicknames?

Never in my life did I have a nick, though my brother was once called "Lips" (dunno why) and sister was "Angie Pangie" (still is to mum after a few jars). Dad has been called various expletives by mum, though I wouldn't really call them nicknames.. :-)

neet said...

yes my orginal name is neet

I am form Indai.

my id is

I feel proud to called as Neet