Friday, June 30, 2006

Sound Of Silence...

It's now been a week since my first letter regarding my issues will have dropped into the hands of my employers at BBC.

So have I heard from them yet? No (insert sounds of bell tolling, wind blowing etc like the quiet phase of an old western just before the big shoot out).

So the official time limit for a response from he whom I have issues with has now passed. In accordance with the lawyers instructions, letter number two has been sent and will have landed on the door mat on Wednesday morning (actually it won't have landed on the door mat cause it was recorded delivery so would have been signed for but you get my drift!). This one goes to those above he whom I have issues with.

And now we await a response to this letter. (insert the sound of a silent room with only the noise of a ticking grandfather clock to be heard) Will the time timit on this one pass without response? Will they bother to even read it? Do they know legally what they need to do now? Do I even care anymore?

Jenny xx

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