Thursday, June 01, 2006

Good Luck And Best Wishes...

Tomorrow my Sister's Sister in Law, Katrina is going into hospital to have her baby by caesarean section.

Although Gill and her Hubby Jason split several years ago everyone still gets on really well and Katrina (and her Hubby Scott now) are still part of the family. Gill is looking forward to her new niece or nephew coming and Kennedy and Dean can't wait to see their new cousin.

Hopefully we are all going to see the happy ending we would like for Katrina and Scott. This is their second baby. Sadly their first died at only 2 days old. In December 2005 Katrina gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Kiegan. However due to complications with his delivery he was starved of oxygen and tragically he was just too little to fight back as his wee organs started to fail. It was just horrible for everyone but was made extra heart breaking by the fact that Katrina's Mum Bridget had died from cancer in December 2004 aged only 55, and almost a year to the day she died all the same faces that had been there to see Bridget laid to rest were back by the same grave to see little Kiegan laid beside his Gran. In a wee twist of fate my Dad's grave is only 4 down from Bridget's which made being there a bit harder still.

So tomorrow, after having so much bad luck and shedding many tears, Katrina and Scott will be welcoming another wee baby into the world. This time I have a good feeling they'll get the luck they deserve.

I'm sure by this time tomorrow they will both be tired, emotional but very happy! I'm also sure Granny Bridget and Kiegan will be looking on and smiling as well.

Jenny xx

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