Saturday, June 17, 2006

Bye Bye Grace...

Big Brother eviction night last night and at last Grace got the boot. Thank God. The thing is a two-faced, manipulative, nasty bitch of a human being who reckon's she God's gift but is really the love child lookalike of Stephen Hendry and one of the Olsen twins.

I was considering buying piles of Kit Kat's to get my hands on that golden ticket just so I could go in the house and slap her right up the dish.

Seconds before she gets booted out she throws a glass of water in Susie's face causing a big row. Grace goes out to be grilled by Davina...who was way too soft on her and leaves the housemates all arguing. Lisa threw a bike at Aislyene who was mightily pissed of at Grace's behaviour as it all kicked off. Aislyene didn't retaliate apparently. I would have. I would have picked up Lisa and threw her right over the fucking fence. the right thing. Next week vote the little acidic troll that is Lisa out on her arse as well please. I have a feeling she'll be up for eviction.

Pete to win by miles and miles.

Jenny xx

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