Tuesday, June 13, 2006

New Neighbours On The Way...

My next door neighbour, the one attached to me, has got a for sale sign up. So we'll be getting new neighbours then.

It's always a bit dodgy when that happens. It's a lottery after all as to who will end up through the wall to you. I'm not too worried. I doubt any Ned families could afford to buy it. As I recall you need to have a job to get a mortgage and I doubt Income Support counts towards that.

My main fear is that we end up with neighbours of a certain persuasion who are prone to filling the house to the brim with relatives in a tax dodge thing and have a preference for owning corner shops as a career. It's not their ethnic roots that bother me. It's the smell.

Jenny xx


Wreckless said...

It's the smell! it will permeate evrything. You will come home to a place that smells like a shithole! The washing hanging outside will start to discolour, and even the dogs will get skin sores the size of golf balls. And before you know it, all 76 of their cousins / sisters / aunts / uncles / step something will arrive. They will pitch tents on your lawn, stael the hubcaps off of your car, probably cook the cat, have magpie pie (at least once) and your property will be devalued to "junk" ststus.
The next thing you know you have your place up for sale, and his mother-in-law puts in a offer 10% of actual value and you accept it just so as to be able to get away from it all!!!

it's the smell, you see!!!!


Steven Douglas said...

I'm going to tell Stuart on you two!!!

Jen...you're "attached to your neighbour"? That means you'll have to move as well then. I'm sure your family will miss you. Keep in touch...LOL..