Sunday, June 18, 2006

Right Own Up...

When I posted about my neighbour's house being up for sale I stated that my main concern was that people of a certain persuasion (for persuasion read smell) would buy it.

Today is Sunday. Scottish "let's go and view a house" day. The day when folk general go looking at property. Funnily enough Geoff has just come in from the back garden and told me there are people of a certain persuasion looking at next door.

Which one of you buggers paid 'em to do it?? Own up!

I've got to take action. I'm away to do my best Ned impressions (not too difficult with Glasweigan blood in my veins!) and turn the Bose Soundock up to full, something I've been to scared to do before cause it's bloody loud way before you get to full volume. There's no time to waste. Gotta do it before they leave.


Jenny xx


Anonymous said...

Are you so bloody perfect that you think you can pick who lives next door to to? You certainly sound like the sort of bigotted person I wouldn't want to live beside.

jenny said...

"neighbours, everybody needs good neeeiiighhhbours"..

Perfect? Moi? but of course!!!

If you lived next door to me you'd know that!

Anonymous people worry me. Why hide behind anonymity? If you've got something to say then at least have the decency to stand up as yourself and say it.

Until you can do that I'll stay here with my tongue firmly in cheek where it's been since I began this line of posting.


Steven Douglas said...

Brava Jen...If "anonymous" doesn't want to live next to you (and it sounds like I wouldn't want him/her/it living next to me either) then he/she/it should make their details known so that you can go and interrogate prospective buyers, just to make sure it's not him/her/it...

Wreckless said...

I don't allow anon comments on my blogg.
As for this anon comment, shove it right up your ass moron.
if you bother to read down the lady's blogg, you would see she's
a) Not racist
b) Definately classy
c) very friendly
d) Family orientated
e) Particular about who she keeps company with
f) Protective
Hence the situation where she worries about who's going to move in next door.
If it's someone of your ilk, well then, suicide bombers are anon, as are most terrorists, drug pushers, child abusers....... etc.
So, show your self, or piss off!

jenny said...

Bang on Max, I'm very particular about the company I keep and you and Steve are definitely two people who's company I'd keep!

Godess Of Bitch said...

I'm thinking maybe i should rescind that offer I put on that house next to Jen? I miss you Jen! but i don't think you'd want my hellions next door to you either! LOL