Thursday, June 08, 2006

Calling South Africa...

Right then you two. You know who you are.

I have been doing my family tree on all sides and I've got them all back to about the 1600's. However I have a wee gap in my tree which is starting to annoy me. That gap is a cousin of mine. All my rellies have their wee bits of info on the tree bar this one. The reason for this is that I know very little about him. And I do mean very little.

All I do know is that he was born in Jo'Burg. That my Uncle is his Dad and appears on his birth lines and that his Mother was called...wait for it...Bunny. Bunny? What sort of name is that? Anyway he was born between 1979 and 1981 given that he was about 6 when my Uncle (who had returned home by then) last got any details of him in about 1987 ish. I also know his name is Kyle and according to what I've been told his surname was Stenhouse originally but he may well have changed it to his Mum's name.

My Uncle died in 1999 and Kyle has a sister and 2 brothers over here as well as 2 nephews now. I know both his Brothers would love to find out about him as would all the family.

Now over here in civilisation we have websites where you can order birth records and where the powers that be will check names and stuff for you based on very little information. What I need to know they have a similar thing for South Africa??

Assuming you know the answer or have an idea of how a daft wee scots lassie like me can find it...answers to the usual address please! I night just find myself with a whole load of rellies over there I can come calling on!

Jenny xx


Wreckless said...

I will do some research for you.
Could be fun.

On a lighter note, any idea which rock he was born unnder? Or was he lucky enough to have been delivered on the back of an ox wagon, and , do you mean 18** or 19**?
Just asking.


Will keep you uptodate with the progress.

jenny said...

I don't know whether to thank you or spank you!

Steven Douglas said...

Before anything/anyone gets spanked...Any idea what Bunny's maiden name is that he may have taken on?

Max has already found a few Stenhouses, but the only one that matches "K" is a woman...

BTW...over here, we use the White Pages as our family tree. Somewhere along the line, everyone is related... :-)

Steven Douglas said...

It might also help us to kn ow your late uncle's name too...

jenny said...

Ok here's what I have having checked my sources (ie My Mum!)

My Uncle's name was Andrew Stenhouse dob 09/12/1947.

There was never any mention of Bunny being known as anything else...I'm kind of sure Bunny can't be her real name.Who the hell is called that?

I've got no idea what his surname might be now or what Bunny's was. However according to my Uncles paper work his surname was Stenhouse at birth.

His name is definitely Kyle and I am fairly sure he won't have a middle name as none of Andrew's kids do.

Andrew went to Jo'Burg in 1979 and came home again in 1983 so Kyle is probably between 24 and 27. Bunny had no other kids when Kyle was born as far as we know. Andrew never married her as he was still married to my Aunt.

I'm seeing young Andrew (My cuz) at a wedding later this month so I'll see if he knows anymore. Kyle is alive as far as we know as Andrew searched death records and didn't find any Kyle's who fitted in age wise. Bunny is white...I know this for fact because I've seen her photo.

Wreckless said...

Did we ever doubt her ethnicity?


Steven Douglas said...

Careful, you two...or we'll have Cuzzin Stuart shouting "racist" again...LOL...(just joking, Stuart)...