Thursday, June 08, 2006

Holy Shit...

This image is one of the new designs for Tynecastle Stadium that have been submitted in tender for the contract to re-vamp the stadium.

The Hearts FC majority shareholder/owner Valdimir Romaonov has issued a list of things he wants for the ground and opened it up to tender about 9 months ago in a fairly hush hush way. There have been several submissions of which this is one. The reason I can show you this one (which comes from the company that designed it) is that it has been rejected along with 3 others all in a similar vein. It seems Vladimir and his right hand men have found the design they favour and are now in negotiations with the Council to obtain the necessary consents etc.

This image contains the new stand, a hotel and a conference suite and additional executive boxes for hospitality which were required elements in any design.

Any of you who know what Tynecastle currently looks like will surely find yourselves saying "holy shit" when you see this. If this is the calibre of design being submitted then I am just gob-smacked. This would make Tynie miles better than either Parkhead or Ibrox.

To think it is just 2 seasons since the ink was drying on a contract to sell Tynie for a housing development in order to pay the clubs debts off is incredible. We would now have been playing football in Murrayfield as lodgers to the SRU. The fact that we are now looking at plans like this for the place that has been our home for over 100 years (100 years and 2 months to be exact!) is like a dream.

The media might slate Valdimir as a dangerous, outspoken and manipulative man who is bad for scottish football but anyone who can come in and save one of the oldest clubs in the country, bring them silverware in his first full season in charge and begin plans for this type of improvement to our ground must surely be a good thing for the game.

Long live King Vlad.

Jenny xx


Wreckless said...

This desigh was rejected, because it's way too good for Hearts.
What is proposed, and before council right now, is to turn the place into a storage area for dumping nuclear waste which will be brought in from Europe.
Vladimire has plans, but they do not include soccer, stadiums or the Scots!!


jenny said...

Oh you are a non-believer young man! Lol!