Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Number Of The Beast...

So Tuesday saw the calendar hit 06/06/06.

The papers yesterday all carried pictures of new born babies who had entered the world on this date. Some weighed in at 6lbs 6oz and one was born at 06.06am in bizarre twist. Funnily enough there were no Damien's amongst them! Seems a shame really as it could have been kinda fun!

However maybe Damien isn't the name we should be looking out for. Damien (according to a baby name dictionary) actually means "one who tames". We should perhaps be looking towards names like...

Barbara - Strange one

Cain - Possessed

Bronson - Son of the dark man

Cary/Carey - The dark one

Damon - Demon

to find our new anti-christ...or maybe a wee bit closer to home where we have Ross meaning Red in German and Douglas meaning Dark Stranger. Mmmm! Of course in Scotland Ross means "from the peninsular" so a totally different meaning then but I like the Red Dark Stranger one better!

On a lighter note I could never be the Anti-christ incarnate as my name, Jennifer, means fair one and it's derived from the french name Guinevere (King Arthur's slut....I mean queen!!). Steve has a name which means crown so he comes in handy for a queen like me! Then of course we have Max whose name means something we all knew already...the greatest!

My kids are ok as well. Chloe is a Greek name and means blooming and Jake is simply an abreviated form of Jacob. Geoffrey on the other hand means peaceful gift. Peaceful? Geoff? Someone is having a laugh there.

Jenny xx


Steven Douglas said...

"Crowned Dark Stranger"...I like...

jenny said...

Yep it's better than being "fair one potato plant" which is what I am!

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