Thursday, June 29, 2006

Typical French...

So I have been backing Spain in this World Cup. Now granted they were not the favourites but I have always felt they were massive underachievers and I've always hoped they'd come good and it seemed this could have been it. Their group games and their wins over Ukraine and Saudi saw them play some great football and compared to the disappointing form of some of the "big" teams they seemed to be on their game where others were yet to find theirs.

However up came their game against France. 1-1 in the last ten minutes or so and looking good for extra time. I was confident Spain could get the next goal and go on to win it. They didn't look that tired and were still doing some good passing of the ball. France had come back into it a bit were playing better than they have for most of the tournament so far but they were looking a more tired and, dare I say, old team.

Then comes Thierry Henry. Obstuction is as we all know a foul and Puyol did obstruct him but he did not hit him in the face. Henry though goes to ground clutching his face like he's been shot. This was a blatant attempt not only to obtain the free kick but to get Puyol sent off. The French team run round the ref like flies round shit complaing about Puyol. The ref goes with Henry and awards the kick and books Puyol. France score and the ball is burst for Spain who fall apart at the seams. So my team are out.

Now yes it maybe was a booking and a free kick but players can be and are frequently booked for play acting and Henry should have been for this. The ref then could have overturned his decision, booked Henry and awarded the kick to Spain.

If FIFA and UEFA are happy to use video footage after a match to then dish out punishments to offenders who kick, hit etc why the hell won't they use it to punish offenders of cheating? That way Henry and others like him would give it a miss. Henry should be punished and banned. France should be without his services for the game against Brazil. End of. Henry, a supposed high grade professional and great player. Henry, a cheat and lousy professional.

No wonder most of Europe hate the French!

Anyway roll on Germany/Argentina. This should be great. I am indifferent to who I want to win this one so can enjoy it as a neutral. I'm now a Portugal supporter (at least until Saturday night!). I reckon whoever wins the Germany/Argentina game might just go on to win this thing.

Jenny xx

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