Monday, July 10, 2006

As If He Wasn't My Favourite Already...

Big Brother's Pete has only gone and dyed his dark brown hair bleach blonde. Now I have an aversion to blondes normally but I don't mind a bit of bleach as long as I know the rest of the body hair is dark it's all good. Yes I have an aversion to light coloured pubic doesn't make me a bad person!

Anyway I digress here...fact is Pete is gorgeous and looks just as gorgeous with his newly blonde hair. It's been too long since I fancied a man who wore make up and it's reminded me of that long lost crush I had on Billy Idol!

Yum, Yum, Yum...Nuff said!

While I'm on the subject I don't mind a few highlights either like those sported by the fine specimen of manhood that is Josh Holloway (aka Sawyer from Lost). He is quite frankly the only reason I still watch the show. That southern drawl. Those eyes. The small dimples in his cheeks. The fact he doesn't shave everyday. That grin. Sigh!

It should be illegal to look so bloody horny fully clothed!

Jenny xx

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