Sunday, July 23, 2006

So Much For Going To Bed...

I posted on here on Friday night and finished by saying I was off to bed. Now looking at my previous post it says I put it on at 8.09pm. Don't go getting excited...I wasn't going to bed that early. 8.09pm is when I started the post, in between starting and posting was a phone call with my friend Eileen (always long!) and 2 episodes of Big Brother so it was more 12pm when I hit publish post.

However, just as I go to turn this thing off, Ross appears online and the next 2 hrs 50 minutes are spent chatting on the messenger with him! Very intresting it was too! We covered a range of topics from football to sex and played a wee online game of truth or dare. Actually it was more me just asking him questions to which he had to give me an answer! Pity he didn't go for a dare...I'm meeting him to do something this week...and it would have been kinda funny given where we're going for him to turn up wearing a tie, serious spectacles and carrying a clip board looking every inch the serious nerd! I'd have wet myself at the response it would have gotten!

Anyway, by the time he and I got done it was 2.55am and so realising Geoff would be up for work in 30 minutes or so I decided to stay up. I watched a bit of tv, chatted to Geoff when he emerged and headed to bed at about 4am. An hour and a documentary later I was asleep.

8am I was rudely awakened by the sound of the lorry arriving to pick up our skip. So I managed 3 hours sleep in total! Not the best of starts to a day which saw me hosting a party for 20 or so kids aged 5 and 6!

Jenny xx

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Wreckless said...

Go to the meeting. Take your labour advisor / union representative / legal solicitor with you. Nail the bastards.
The content you have shared with us is gobbldygook, worded to make you feel inferior. Suff them, give them hell.......

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