Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Find A Peaceful Moment...

Put the kettle on, grab a beer or whatever you fancy and settle in front of your pc and have a look at this website.

Memories of your youth will come flooding back to you!

I knew I wasn't the only one who used to shout "Joey Deacon" while making slight spastic moves. Or indeed alone in slapping my own forehead and saying "spam" (why???). I definitely called others by the name of "Tefal" if they had larger than normal foreheads. Called people "Spangles" and was one of those who wouldn't get on a city sprinter bus like a C55 (small minibus type form of public transport much like those used to take the "special" kids to their "special" schools) if it could be at all avoided because doing so made you a "windae licker" like the kids on the "special" bus. I recall many a pubescent boy in my class having an embarrasing erection while we all stood round the edge of the pool before swimming and the hysterical laughter such an event would cause. I hold my hands up to making up new nicknames for people such as poor Darren Foreman whom I christened "four-head" which stuck before I realised I could make it "Fore-skin" which caught on like a match to a petrol soaked cloth. The laddie must have hated me, Fore-skin he stayed till he was 16 and left school! Or the poor unfortunate Michelle who was christened "Fishy" due to her lack of hygiene, another name that stuck, poor Fishy Moffat.

I recall playing Thundercats and hurling abuse at other girls till they'd let me be Cagney when we played Cagney and Lacey or for that matter the Heather Locklear character whenever a game of TJ Hooker was played cause then I got to kiss and hang about with the best looking boy who was always TJ! What can I say? I liked to get my own way and I was popular so there!

Sad but true. Go remind yourself of your own school days now before you think I'm were all kids once!

Jenny xx

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