Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Still Shaking My Head...

I woke up this morning still shaking my head slighty at the madness of yesterday. Still wondering how on earth a meeting being held to address my grievance could turn into the employer sacking me! Still not believing that an employer would be so irritated at being unable to answer questions that he jumped straight into blurting out the words "your services are no longer required" because to all intents and purposes that's exactly what I believe happened.

None of my issues were addressed satisfactorily. It was a clear cut case of we believe what we believe and to be honest they'd have been as well just calling me a liar because it was made perfectly clear they were not prepared to believe my version of events. Basically I was portrayed as a troublemaker. So when I was asked if I had any questions the answer was simple...yes...becuase they hadn't dealt with my grievance at all...they'd simply chosen to believe as gospel the words of another.

So I asked questions....was accused of trying to twist employers words and tie him in knots, was answered with "no comment" on more than one occasion. My questions obviously irritated my employer, who seemed desperate to draw matters to a close, and he just seemed unable to provide pertinent answers to them.

34 minutes or so later and it was all over with him blurting out that I was sacked and me wondering if that really was the sound of a gunshot I could hear hitting someone in the foot.

Now not being silly I am well aware that said employer will be on here at periods to see exactly what I've written about yesterday. So...

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening, you'll notice Mr employer that I have not used your name, your companies name and you'll note when I mention how irritated I think you became I have used the word I...which means it is my opinion, which I am entitled to. I wonder if you are also shaking your head this morning at yesterday's events. I doubt it.

I've got to say though I'm disappointed. Disappointed the matter couldn't be resolved, disappointed you were so one sided, disappointed at your attitude, disappointed that your normally ice cool exterior crumbled, disappointed in your lack of self control and disappointed in your only intrest yesterday being to label me into a category.

For the intrest of others (and possibly Mr Employer), here are the 2 other Brits who have been saked for blogging...



Both have taken further action against their former employers. Both cases made international headlines. Both employers have been slated in the press for their actions.

So what next for me? Well I'll weigh up my options, take advice on the matter and go from there. Will you see me in the papers naming and shaming my ex employer? Who knows! Will the matter now escalate? Who knows! When I know Mr Employer I'll let you know.

Jenny xx


Jude said...

You need to speak to an employment lawyer pronto. Under English law, assuming you've been employed for at least 1 year, you cannot be sacked on the spot unless you have done something really serious like assaulting a co-worker or stealing from your employer. Otherwise the dismissal must be fair ie a proper reason and the manner of dismissal must be fair ie the legal procedure must be followed with a series of verbal and written warnings etc I imagine Scots law is similar...
Good luck. Your boss must be feeling somewhat anxious now, having lost his cool and behaved - apparently - unlawfully...

jenny said...

Thanks Jude!

Gordon said...

It beggars belief that anyone can be sacked for writing an online diary. I've read through your stuff and can't see anywhere that you've actually named them or your boss. It's just an account of what's been happening. I don't see that you've made a breach of confidentiality (which I'm assuming you'd have a clause for in your contract) nor have you launched personal attacks on named persons (which if you did would be a personal matter anyway not a work issue).

I suspect your employer has an over inflated sense of they're own importance and reputation.

Generally these are the sort of people who know deep down they are laughing stocks amongst colleagues and friends and so try to jump on any opportunity to make themselves appear more important than they are.

The very fact that they have sacked you on the spot, and at a grievance meeting as well when really they should have been resolving your issues, shows they have lost the plot and allowed it to become personal against you. It also shows a basic lack of how an employer should behave and the laws that govern what is expected from them.

I agree with Jude. Take advice and if you can, take them all the way. Money is not the object. Freedom of speech, rights to expression and removing and bringing idiot employers to task is.

Good luck. I look forward to the day you are able to identify this employer and put their name on the "shame" list of employers who sack for blogging.

John N said...

As far as I'm concerned you've protected them in this blog by not naming them. It is usually best to be vague on here anyway - who knows what could happen?

In the account of happenings with my previous employer before my contract was terminated, I mention the name of the place I worked at (a chain of supermarkets) and just that it's in the "next village". Of course those in the locality will know where it is - but to be honest with you I don't care that much.

Anyway that account is at the drafts stage, I'll no doubt use an appropriate pseudo for my ex boss!

Anonymous said...

Jenny I can guess at the employer in question but only because I go there and I know you.

This course of action is sheer lunacy on their part. It's not so long ago that some of the high heid yins were telling us how they have to be careful when dealing with staff dismissals and the costs that can be involved and then they go and open themselves up like this.

It beggars belief.

You'll be missed by me at a weekend and I'm sure others will agree.


Ross Douglas said...

Holy Fuckola Batman!

Does this mean I may have to buy a suit? and wear a tie? And proper shoes as opposed to a battered pair of adidas?

This will not do.

I have to say that that meeting was one of the funniest things I have ever been part of. Sheer genius.

Take 'em all the way baby.

jenny said...

Ross, there's nowt wrong with a battered pair of adidas!

May I just say here in the public domain Thank You for coming with me and for sharing such a surreal moment in my life!

Ross Douglas said...

It was a pleasure and a privilige to be there. I haven't had as good a laugh in ages.

Anonymous said...

Hi I think employers see employee's are 10 a penny can come and go, but they have feelings, maybe training is required as they seem not to have a clue, who ever heard of a person at a greivance meeting being sacked, because u did not agree with them showed how incompetent they were and did not do their homework right, Go for it

Wreckless said...

Again you have my support. Go get them girl. I can already see the headlines! And your photo witha cool 1,000,000 pound cheque!

All the best of luck!

Joe said...

Jenny, this looks like a quite ridiculous bit of abuse on your emplyer's part. You are entitled to a proper disciplinary hearing before being fired. If he didn't do this then he is in a ton of trouble - myy union told me that the government tightened up the rules for disciplining employees and that an emplyer who fails to follow them to the letter leaves themselves wide open to charges, regardless of any eventual outcome of your case, so get on to your union or local Citizen's Advice now, cause it looks like he violated those very strict rules which can get him into a lot of trouble with the authorities. Rooting for you over on the Woolamaloo!

jenny said...


Thanks for your thoughts. I'm glad it worked out for you in the end and glad you seem happy doing what you are now. Thanks for the link and the support. It's much appreciated.


JGRAM said...

Good luck Jenny

I was dismissed for blogged also back in 2004

I wrote all about it at www.jgramsuspended.blogspot.com

I am in a better job now but I still get infuriated thinking about what happened.

Take care, all the best