Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Dilemma's, Dilemma's...

There's a bit of thought needed in this house at the moment and we seem to be going round in circles a bit. So I'm opening this up to you, the fine people of blogland, to seek your opinions. I reckon it's only fair as I don't see why I should be the only one having to think at this point!

So here is the dilemma...

You have a job at present. It's not your normal line of work. It is part-time but you get so much overtime you end up doing more than a full time 40 hour week. It's temporary but you have a one in three chance of being kept on. The money is good. The people are great. You really enjoy it and for the first time in a few years you like going to work. There seems to be a good chance you're going to be one of the lucky one's to get kept on as your bosses keep saying they hope you don't leave. It's with a well known company, there's perks to be had. The job is not rocket science but it's intresting and everyday is different. It's shift work and you need to work weekends and public holidays like Christmas but the hours mean you're about for your family a bit more. There is little or no stress invloved and for the first time in 20 years or so you're not the boss and have none of the shit that goes with being the boss.

However, you have been offered another job. Its 9-5. It's Monday to Friday. It's permanent. It's the same money per hour. It's with a big employer as well. It's more or less the same job as you've been doing for 20 years. It is office and field based and there's a fair chance of promotion or internal movement within the company. It is further to commute each day by about 45 minutes or so each way. It's a secure role though.

So you have a family to support. You've dipped into your savings big style having taken time out from work for almost a year and could do with replenishing some of them. You have bills to pay and have always made a wage good enough to keep your house without help from anyone else. You're no longer a fresh faced school leaver and know good, secure jobs with good salaries don't appear everyday but you love what you do now and would jump at it if you got it permanently. However, the prospective new employers want you to start in a few weeks time. You're current contract runs till October and as a result they are not interviewing for the permanent roles until August with you not getting a decision until the mid to end of September.

What do you do?

Do you take the sensible option and go with the permanent job and the security that goes with it knowing you've a family to support?


Do you follow your heart, stay where you are and see what happens knowing you've got a good chance of landing the permanent job but risking not having a job at all at the end of October if you don't?

Points to remember when making your decision include...your partner has a crippling shoe addiction which must be paid for, your savings won't last forever and you've no living relatives who may die and leave you money to re-stock them (Boo!)...only kidding!!

Fucked if I know! Do you? Answers on a postcard please...or just leave a comment if you like!

Jenny xx


Steven Douglas said...

I thought it was you with the shoe addiction, not Geoff?

As for the job, I would take the "permanent" option. The good, permanent jobs (here anyway) are few and far between and if you can get one, hang onto it for all it's worth, especially when there's family involved, schooling, groceries, shoe addictions, etc...

Weekends and holidays with family and kids is far better than having to work. Imagine the kids waking up on Xmas day and mum's already buggered off to work...do they wait for mum to come home before opening hordes of presents (I remember last year's "loot")...precious moments like those are worth sacrificing some things for...

As much as I hate the saying, it's a "no-brainer" in my book.

Wreckless said...

I would approach the temp job boss/es, and present them with the decision.
If they looking to make the job permanent anyway, why not move it up a bit.
They can decide now if they want you to stay or not. Be honest. Tell them like you told it in the blogg. (leave out the shoe fetish stuff). If they think you are that good, they will keep you, and you have the permanent job you want, and enjoy. Thats my take on it.
Good luck


jenny said...

Steven...it is me with the shoe addiction! It's Geoff who's in dilemma job land, I am merely she who must be consulted for opinion!

Max...I was with you and this has been tried. They won't make any decision though as everyone needs to be re-interviewed and assessed after at least 12 weeks so we're into late August at least! However it's through this that we know the boss wants to keep him!

I've got a wee masterplan of my own in mind having thought it over last night for a while...it might keep all options open for a bit longer but does involve telling a wee white lie...

I'll let you know how it pans out!

Steven Douglas said...

I know about your fetish...it's just the way it was written (or the way I read it) that I thought Geoff had one too... :-)

jenny said...

It's the way it's written! One shoe fetish in a family is quite enough to be going on with!

I saw a cracking pair today and I mean cracking..tempted so I am!