Friday, July 14, 2006

This Weeks Interactive Question...

Right I need your help. You probably need a sick mind for this one so most of you that read this will fit the bill.

A few years ago in conversation with friends round the bbq and after a few bottles of wine had been consumed someone mentioned they had heard of a sexual practice known as an Italian Chandelier and wondered what it was. They were met with blank faces all round. None of us had a clue.

A few guesses were thrown about (I'll leave them to your imagination!) and we covered everything we could think of from rainbow kissing to roman fountains to pearl necklaces.

To this day the question still pops up from time to time. So what the hell is the sexual practice known as an Italian Chandelier???

There's no prize for getting the answer other than the smug satisfaction of knowing you knew something I didn't!

Jenny xx

Update - Ha, Ha....I know what it is now! So no smug satisfaction for you all after all! It doesn't have burn up the calories...apparently!


Steven Douglas said...

Isn't Google wonderful? Just enter "Italian Chandelier" into the search engine, and you get about 1.3 million hits for it...never knew what it was called before now either... :->

jenny said...

Ah Ha! Now that reads "never knew what it was called before now either" which implies you've either done it or are familiar with it!

So which is it then? Only I've discovered that the man needs to be well endowed to carry it now I'm curious! Lol!