Monday, July 10, 2006

Calm Down Mr Secretary...

As you regulars will know I am in the middle of a disagreement with sections of BBC where I used to ply my trade.

I had a wee chat with my Mother, a member of BBC, who asked me if I had heard from them yet. The answer to that would be no. I mentioned to Mum that I hadn't checked to see if the second letter had been received yet.

Now my Mum, who does not have an issue with them, saw the committee member to whom the letter had been addressed on Saturday night and politely enquired if the letter had been received. She didn't ask for secret information. A simple yes or no was all that was required.

However instead she was met with the response "if your daughter wants to know she can check with the post office". How extraordinarily petty. This from someone I have always considered one of the good guys as well! Is there a need to take attitude to my Mother? I think not. How hard would it have been just to say "yes we've got it but I'd rather not discuss the matter".

Manners cost nothing now do they?

You can't help but get the feeling that the people in positions of responsibility in BBC assume that as we are there doing a job that let's face it is hardly rocket science we must all be a bit thick. It's like they reckon we do that because we couldn't get another job which requires more intelligence. The fact that they have had and still have among their staff bank employees, special needs assistants, office workers in responsible jobs, former airline workers, hr advisers, debt recovery team leaders, fishmongers, call centre team leaders and tax office employees all of which require a degree of skill, seems to have escaped them.

The fact is I have a brain. It's in perfect working order (backed up by a nice high score on Dr Kawashima's Brain Training on Nintendo Ds I might add!). I have an IQ well above average and once passed to test to join Mensa. I left school at 18 with a variety of qualifications under my belt and I am a general knowledge champion and Buzz champion..ask anyone who's played either a pub quiz or Buzz with me and they'll tell you I'm right! So I consider myself fairly intelligent. Intelligent enough to engage in civilised discussion and to be able to look for and follow advice. Intelligent enough to know the difference between right and wrong. So despite petulant behaviour I will not go away and I will see this matter to what I feel is a fair conclusion.

So just to clarify matters I am aware the letter has been received. I was intelligent enough to know Royal Mail would be able to tell me this because funnily enough that's why it was sent recorded delivery! I am intelligent enough to ask the right people the right questions to find out what I need to know. I am lucky enough to have people around who reckon like me that enough is enough . I will be making a point of not dragging anyone else into this matter despite having had offers from people willing to be witnesses to incidents etc. I will do this alone, because I am intelligent enough to take whatever is thrown back at me and respond as neccessary.

Jenny xx

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Wreckless said...

methinks you are way too patient.
I'm inthere, boots and all - kick the old goat in the shins, and when he bends down to rub them, shove a beer quart bottle up his arse!
In fact, no one dares treat my mom with any disrespect! I bust my brothers nose and blued both his eyes about 15 years ago cause he dared raise his voice at her!

As for your situation, ride it out. It is obviouse from the old clit's reaction to mum that they are nervous / scared. your onto them!!!
good for you