Sunday, July 02, 2006

For My Old Friend (Ex)...

Received this wee message yesterday at exactly 8:37 pm last night.

"Jenny, make sure of your facts, I will never read your blog again, up till now I have enoyed its originality. But you have just lost the bloody plot."

For the record the spelling mistake is theirs and not mine!

Anyway it came from someone who listed themselves as "an old friend (EX)"

How exciting! How mysterious! How totally wonderful! How bizarre! How it made me laugh!

Why? you may ask. Well I'll tell you why.

A) I have no idea who this "ex-friend" is.
B) I seem to have pissed them off greatly.
C) I was only aware that the usual suspects read this blog and not long lost friends
D) I wasn't actually aware I had any old friends! Top of my head there are 2 people who I class as old friends and to my knowledge neither of them even know about this blog!
E) Most of my friends are confident enough to say what they think using their name and not some anonymous version of it.
F) If I don't know who they are then how I can I take them off my Christmas Card list!
G) Someone thinks I am original and off my head which is always a good sign.
H) To my knowledge, although friend claims to be a reader of this I am unaware they've ever commented before.

Anyway it's all good. It's brought a bit of a smile to my face this weekend! Sadly as they'll never read this blog again they will never know the impact their words have had on me. They will also never know that I value their opinion so much I've removed the offending post just for them! See how nice I am??!! Fuck I've just blown my bitch title big style there eh? I should've left it on! Och well. Plenty more opportunties to be a bitch I suppose.

So it's a pity I've lost an "old friend". It's a pity they'll never grace my blog again. It's a pity they'll never tell me exactly what the fuck it was that offended them so much. Of course you never know...maybe "old friend" will sneak back on when I'm not looking just to see if I responded to their comment and maybe they'll read this and maybe then they'll realise that I would only give a fuck about their opinion if I knew from whom it came.

So farewell old friend...we had some fun times (or did we?? I guess I'll never know!!) I will miss you (or will I??) now be sure not to let the door hit your arse as you leave.

Oh and just before I bid you farewell one last point worth noting...any "old friend" of mine would know I lost the plot years and years ago!!

Jenny xx


Steven Douglas said...

Good reading... Are you sure it wasn't *THE* "ex"?

jenny said...

lmao! My THE ex wouldn't know how to plug a computer in never mind surf the web! Anyway he's know old friend of mine!!

This can only be one of a small handful of people. Which one though is the question! And it's one I couldn't give a feck if I ever get the answer to!

Godess Of Bitch said...

well shit i wanted to read the offending post!