Sunday, July 16, 2006

Not One Of My Better Ideas...

It was gie warm the day. Scorchin, Bielin, Rostin, Swelterin. The thermometer hit a crazy 84f today. That's mad figures for Scotland so it is.

My shoulders are now a nice shade of lobster pink! Luckily for this pale skinned, freckled, red head I do tan everywhere else so it's not too bad!

So what did I do on this glorious sunny day? Did I head to the beach? Did I lounge in my wee suntrap of a garden with a cool drink and a good book? No. I decided today was the day I was going to start a major garden overhaul.

Chloe headed off to the beach with her mate for the day. Jake headed off to the Falkirk Wheel with Granny for the day. Geoff headed of to work for the day (Ha, Ha) and I armed myself with fence paint and brushes and set to work repainting the back fence. Great idea...not!

My garden is one of the biggest in the street. It's about 50ft long and about 30 ft wide and the fence is 6ft high all the way round it. It's been painted blue for the last three years and I obvously forgot how tedious, time consuming and how much hard work it took to paint it! However, I'm bored with it now and my once lovely garden is like a shithole due to one crazy boxer dog who ate all my plants and has trashed my lawn, 2 kids who think it's a bike/go-kart track, football pitch or general play park and loads of nice scottish rain which has turned my already abused lawn into...well let's just say when the rain comes I could hold mud wrestling competitions!

So it's overhaul time, starting with that fence. 6 friggin' hours I was at it today and I kid you not I'm not even a quarter of the way through it! Course it's taking 2 or 3 coats to get rid of the blue paint that's already on it.

I am knackered now and feel like I've been kicked with a horse. So I'll finish the cold beer sitting in front of me and then I'm going to bed to recover!

Definitely not one of my better ideas!

Jenny xx

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Wreckless said...

Thats where we differ.
I go to the corner, pick up 2 - 3 unemployed casual labourers, and let them paint.Quick, easy cheap.....