Friday, July 21, 2006

The Silence Comes To An End...

So finally I have received a response from BBC regarding my issues. The clock was ticking away time wise and they've got their reply to me by the skin of their teeth really.

And what an intresting reply it is as well. It appears I have been wrong all along! I stupidly assumed that as I had been removed from the rota with no explanation and as my Boss refused point blank to speak to me and had actually told people I wouldn't be coming back that I was out of a job! How very silly of me because and I quote from the letter "I can confirm that your status is that of employed and that you have not been dismissed". Obviously then employers sometimes leave their employees sitting at home for the best part of 10 weeks without explanation or contact. So it's all good. I can't believe I made such a big deal out of it all. I'll just trot back into work tomorrow night then shall I? Unbelievable! Or maybe I'll just feck off from another job for 10 weeks and see how that goes down!

Better still though and again I quote "your current absence is viewed as unauthorised and as such unpaid". My absence? My unauthorised absence? What fucking absence? I'm not absent! Absence as defined by the dictionary reads - Not present, when someone is not where they are expected to be (particularly school or work). So let me get this right...I am not where I am expected to be? Therefore the fact I am not at work is my doing, I assume that's what they mean then. Bullshit. Utter and total.

However, the letter goes on to say "there has obviously been some misunderstanding". Really? What's to misunderstand? One minute you're working, next you're not. It is more than obvious where that line comes from. Boss has obvioulsy told them his version of the truth. However fecked up that might be. It's been a case of "Oh fuck, she's stirring up trouble for me, I'll tell them my version and they'll believe me cause I'm the Boss...I want shot of her anyhow because her tits aren't as big as I'd like them to be". You think I'm kidding about my breast size? I'm not! It's the first thing he checks when he's hiring...want a job at BBC stick your cup size on your cv. I am a modest B cup so it's well seen it was his predecessor who hired me!

Anyhow they've asked me to attend a meeting on Monday to as they put it "give us an opportunity to answer" and to resolve the issues raised. I am of course entitled to be accompanied at this meeting and it's my intention to utilise this right. I've been given a copy of my contract and a copy of the greivance procedure which I recognise as it's the same one used by a company I used to work for.

One thing is for sure. I'm not backing down. I have nothing to lose. I will not be bullied, blackmailed, persuaded, manipulated nor spoken to as if I am blonde (no offence to the blondes of course). I'm going for the big picture. Of course lets hope it doesn't come down to having to go that far.

Oh before I go can someone please explain the following to me....annual holiday entitlement accrues at the rate of one twelfth of the full annual holiday entitlement on 1st of each month in advance. Part time employees accrue holiday entitlement on a pro-rata basis. As you have no normal working hours you will be paid your average pay in the 12 weeks prior to the holiday. You are entitled to 2 public holidays per year. The 2 public holidays we recognise are as follows - Christmas Day and Boxing Day - you will be advised of the relevant dates on which these holidays fall as soon as possible. Where these days fall on a Saturday or Sunday alternative dates will be substituted for these dates. You will not be required to work these recognised public holidays. Eh?!! Have they changed Christmas Day and Boxing Day? Goddammit! 32 years on this earth and I always thought they were 25th and 26th of December. Honestly why can't they just leave 'em where they were! What are they now? 17th of July and 23rd October?

Oh and another thing, I'm not allowed under the terms of my contract (which I haven't seen before today) to tell you about "trade secrets including designs or inventions" or any "past, present or projected product or service of the company". So there. Anyone else think they stole this contract from Willy Wonka? I reckon this contract is more suited to Oompa Loompas than bar staff! Inventions? Trade secrets? Everlasting gobstoppers? I'm away to sell my secrets to Slugworth!

Right enough hilarity, I'm away to bed!

Jenny xx

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