Monday, July 24, 2006

Sshh Don't Tell Anyone...I've Been Sacked For Writing On A Blog!

This is a secret just between me and you. Don't tell anyone.

I went to a meeting today with my employers as I was asked to do to try and resolve a grievance I had with them. I thought we would discuss my grievance and try and come to an amicable conclusion. It didn't go quite like that. Instead of resolving my grievance, I ended up being sacked!

That's right, they sacked me. Keep it to yourself though. My employer (ex) decided to bring into the meeting issues about my attendance and the fact that this very blog exsists! They read it you see and they don't like it.

So I have been offically sacked for 2 reasons - one of them being that I write on this blog. That's between you and I though because obviously I'm not allowed to express myself using freedom of speech.

Ross (my friend & not any longer my colleague) reckons I am probably only the second person in Scotland to be sacked for writing on a website. So I seem to have achieved something today. Sorry Ross, I know you'd have liked the honour but at least you can say you were there.

So we need to keep a lid on what I've said here because we might be being watched.

Anyway I better go now...I'd love to share more of my day with you but anything I do say may be used against me so I better not!

So as a warning my friends, be careful what you put on your Blogs, your own wee bit of cyberspace. Don't go expressing yourselves or discussing your day to day activities, don't go assuming you can write whatever takes your fancy, don't go thinking the internet is a wonderful place where you can be yourself and speak openly and look to interact with others.

You may find yourself unemployed if you do!!

You have been warned...but strictly between you and I of course!

Jenny xx

P.s I do hope I haven't offended anyone by writing this post. If you do feel I have offended you please feel free to contact me to let me know. In fact don't bother, I'm not really intrested. If you are offended there's an easy way to deal with it...don't read the blog on the first place!


John N said...

Sorry to hear about that - hope things work out for you soon.

A few weeks ago, after my probation period in a new job, my contract was terminated because I wasn't considered "fast" enough. This despite being as fast as my colleagues (one of which told me that), even if I'm a Brit working with French people.

It's very difficult being dismissed for an "excuse" - I honestly feel that it's disgusting when that also boils down to what is freedom of speech in a blog.

John (Brit in France)

jenny said...

Thanks John. Same abck to you...I hope things turn out well your end also.

Seems freedom of speech is frowned upon in some quarters...I thought I lived in a free country as well!

John N said...

I think my problem could be a nationality thing - but of course I cannot prove that.

Ross Douglas said...

Hey! where's the link to my blog when you have mentioned me? Damn it girl, this is not good enough. Get it sorted.

Love ya.

jenny said...

Ross, consider the link in place. Forgive my utter stupidity.

Now if a certain person feels the need to click that link and sack you for it...don't go blaming me!!!

Oh what am I're goosed already!!

Stuart Douglas said...

Jenny - unfair dismissal is a nap if they sacked you for bloogging. There's even a word for it apparently in the States - doocing - but of the handful of people I've heard of in the UK, the employers were in the wrong - and those were employee blogs which named their employers specifically.

Take them to an I.T and bring a bloody big bag in which to shovel their money.

Wreckless said...

Your stated reasons are why i have tried not to ever mention the name of the company i work for, or anyone by name, and have no pictures of myself / family / friends on the post. Sad, but true. Good luck


Steven Douglas said...

Ah well, I think it may be for the best, even though the circumstances aren't quite kosher. Maybe it's time to see if that other job you mentioned a while back is still available?

I've also heard of a few instances around the world where folks have been sacked for blogging, including where Wreckless and I work, but it's because they bring the company in question into "disrepute". Personally, I think it's bollox and the company should be looking inwards as they obviously have employees where the issues aren't/can't be sorted out and frustrations are vented in the blogs in the right of "freedom of speech".

Hell, they could even take it as far as having the "offending" person retract the statement and issue an apology on the same forum as it was originally posted...but then that wouldn't be seen as having enough control over your workers, would it?